SEO Tools to build your eCommerce

  1. Google Trends é o primeiro passo para identificarmos as palavras chaves que devemos monitorar. Com esta ferramenta podemos descobrir quantas vezes está sendo pesquisado determinado tema em nossa região e assim tomar decisões mais adequadas sobre as palavras chaves que devemos promover.
  2. 1001 Fonts não necessita ser um grande designer, nem contratar um. Você criar a sua marca utilizando as fontes deste site. A maioria das fontes são grátis ou podem ser adquiridas por um pequeno valor.
  3. Creative Market permite encontrar o icone para a sua marca e complementar com a fonte escolhida. Novamente com muitos desenhos grátis ou com um pequeno investimento.
  4. Sticker Mule é im interessante serviço de impressão de adesivos, Certamente não é o único, mas pela praticidade e qualidade do trabalho valha a pena utilizar este serviço para customizar a embalagem dos seus produtos.

I needed an app that allowed me to run an affiliate program with my Shopify store. I chose to useAffiliately, which allowed me to create a unique, trackable coupon for each affiliate. My idea was to create a $5 off coupon that would pay the affiliate a $10 referral bonus. Affiliates could also directly send traffic through a trackable referral link such as


Creating Facebook Retargeting Ads

After I ramped up marketing efforts and got more traffic to my website, I wanted to create Facebook ads retargeting people who visited my website but didn’t buy. To learn how to create Facebook ads that target your website visitors, read our beginner’s guide to Facebook Custom Audiences.


Creating Google Product Listing Ads

I decided early in this case study that I wanted to test Google Product Listing Ads. I’ve never tried them before, but decided to give them a shot after seeing how easy it was to sync my Shopify store with Google Ads using the Google Shopping app.

This app allowed me to easily add products to my Google Merchant account and show my products in Google Shopping as well as inline product ads in Google searches.



Since I was looking for quick wins, I didn’t utilize the blog in my Shopify store. However, if I was running this business full-time, building out the blog would be one of the first things I’d do. Afterall, I know first-hand how valuable a blog can be since I write for Shopify’s!

The idea would be to write articles that would allow organic traffic (gamers searching for gaming tips and news) to find the website. This would also allow me to share my own content on social media instead of curating content from other sources.

Acquiring More Affiliates and Sponsors

At the start of this business, I thought affiliates and sponsors would be the best way to sell my glasses, and I still do. A lot of the review and unboxing videos that affiliates create will live in perpetuity, which means people will keep coming across them and learning about my business for years to come.

Moving forward, I would continue to contact influencers and content creators, and try to build relationships with key people in the gaming scene. I think part of the long-term success of a business like this is staying in touch with what’s going on in the gaming community and being a great part of it.

Paying for Sponsorships and Spots

I wanted to avoid having to pay people to talk about and share my product with their audience. The reason for this was to keep my costs really lean.

Now that I know I can sell the glasses, and that people want them and like them, I wouldn’t hesitate to pay the right influencers to promote them. I would also consider sponsoring teams, events, and Twitch streams to build brand awareness.

I wouldn’t expect a great ROI initially. These kinds of sponsorships are simply to build brand awareness and get your business known in your communities. This would be a long-term play.

Creating Content on YouTube and Twitch

Instead of paying people who play video games to share my product, I could be the one creating the entertaining content, building an audience and sharing my product.

As a gamer, I am not opposed to making money playing video games.

Obviously, it’s not that easy. However, uploading videos of myself playing or talking about a few video games, which are promoting my glasses on the backend, seems like an excellent long-term content marketing strategy.

Exploring Facebook Ads to Cold Traffic

I only used Facebook Ads to retarget visitors of my website. I didn’t try showing Facebook Ads to cold traffic.

One thing I might have tried was creating a lookalike audience of my website traffic and running an ad to that custom audience, targeting interests such as PC games.

Looking into Prescription Options for Glasses

A big part of creating and running a successful business is listening to your customers. One of the most common questions I got was “do you sell a prescription version of these glasses?”

Gamers that wear prescription glasses couldn’t wear my gaming glasses. It didn’t make sense to wear these glasses over their prescription glasses, and it didn’t make sense to buy my glasses if they needed prescription glasses to play their games.

I have no idea how I would go about finding a way to manufacture prescription glasses. Obviously, I would attempt to ask my supplier and other manufacturers, as well as do some research.

Email Marketing

I’m a big believer in list building and email marketing for any kind of business. Email marketing is a very effective long-term strategy that I didn’t think was necessary for what I was trying to do in one month.

I also didn’t want to cannibalize the sales from my affiliates. If I had a popup offering a discount, I didn’t want visitors to use that discount instead of the one an affiliate might offer, and thus not allowing the affiliate to earn a commission.

One way to do this is to offer a significantly lower discount to get people to opt into my email list or to simply offer something else like a newsletter or PC building guide.

As esports grows in popularity, I could put together a weekly newsletter sharing esports news and updates, while promoting my glasses on the backend. There are a lot of opportunities here for my business to grow through email marketing.

Gaming Magazines or Bloggers to Review Glasses or Feature Them

While I looked at influencers on Twitch and YouTube to review my glasses, there’s still an opportunity to reach out to gaming magazines, blogs, and websites to talk about my glasses, too.

Beef up Unboxing Experience

Now that I’ve written this case study and I got some feedback from customers, I realized I made a mistake. The unboxing experience was not as good as it should have been. Looking back, I would have spent a little more money on the packaging and a little more time finding a nice box to ship the glasses in.

While the product itself received great reviews, most customers were let down by the packaging. If that sounds crazy to you, it’s not. The packaging the product arrives in is part of the experience of getting something new. I neglected to make the experience as amazing as possible. I should have taken more tips from Richard’s blog post on the unboxing experience.